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CL!C Consulting across Cultures was founded in the city of bridges by Petra Sorge dos Santos. Mentally Bridging Northern and Southern business worlds is at the core of CL!C since 1996. That is why we focus on people in business: To amplify your options and to incorporate what it takes to be globally successful.

shps 3sizes bl66Harbouring
Today a ship needs a safe harbour with modern facilities. If you come in and anchor with us, according to your global needs, you’ll feel both, comfortable and updated. Since it’s not the designation of a harbour to make you stay, we foster competences for you to cast off fast. And successfully navigate your business in the world.

Hamburg Blue Hour
Hamburg Blue Hour

Gateway to the world
9th largest city in Europe Hamburg is home to citizens from 186 countries with a Metropolitan Region embracing more than 5 mio inhabitants. Hamburg is a major transport hub and has become an important media and industrial centre. The hanseatic metropole is one of the most affluent european cities, shaped by its port and more than 1500 bridges

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