Africa is not a country, but a continent with 54 states. With a rich commercial and cultural heritage, tremendous wealth until 14th century and a Charta of Human Rights centuries before the UN.
Inspite of colonial exploitation and todays western and chinese influence there is still an african way of doing business. Not dealing at eye level is a No-go. Economies are growing, markets are creative and rapidly changing. More than anywhere else VUCA competence is indispensable.

CL!C is providing training an d coaching solutions for subsaharan Africa in general and a special focus on Westafrica. According to your needs our network also covers Southern and EastAfrica.


CL!C to
Doing Business in Africa

Coaching online                 4 x 90′
Live-Coaching                     1 day
Team Training                      2 days

Coaching on the Job        Package
Seminar Series
7 x  0,5 days




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